4 Moonsongs

by Matt Samolis

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1: You
You shape your lips, stand whistling at the moon,
And rattle small change in the linen of your pocket.
The moon shaped her lips long ago.
She is above flutings and sistrums, and will
Never come to observe the dark places in your whitened head.

2: Solitaire
Moonlight restored the window
Threw down a window on the floor.
“On this floor, I can dance.”
And lifted a rose to her loosened hair
Lifted her arms to the partnering air.
Waltzing in corners of darkness, embracing her briefly.
A single perfume veiled her in solitude.
“On this floor, I can dance.”

3: Moon
Let alone the moon, preserving her pock-marked face.
I have been over familiar with her pitiless stare.
I know she uses arsenic to whiten her hands.
How she eats my flesh, how she disregards my bones.
She disregards my bones while bleaching them.

4: Copycat
I could live here, keep a cat framed in the window
Where roses resist night and keep sunlight waiting on the step.
At night I would wait for moths and angels to lose their footing
Beyond the window’s narrow explanation.
They take no light and their innocence rides moonless.
I would look into the eyes of my cat
And gravely he would look into mine.
Together we would listen to the dead
Singing their faintly sad songs.


released November 21, 2014

words by Freda Downie / music by Matt Samolis.

Noell Dorsey, voice
Rachel Barringer, cello

recorded on Veterans' Day 2014 at Church of the Advent, Boston.



all rights reserved